Friday, February 12, 2010

Nouvelle Cuisine

NOUVELLE CUISINE The ten Commandments
First Commandment Avoid unnecessary complications
Second Commandment Shorter cooking times
Third Commandment Shop regularly at the market
Fourth Commandment A shorter menu
Fifth Commandment Abandon the hanging and lengthy marinating of game
Sixth Commandment Avoid too rich sauces
Seventh Commandment Return to regional cooking
Eighth Commandment Investigate the latest techniques
Ninth Commandment Remember diet and health
Tenth Commandment Constant Invention

according to Paul Bocuse, probably adapted from Henry Gault and Christian Millau's 1974 Michelin guide #54.

I definitely do not cook like this. 1,2,5,6 and 7 I disagree with.
Shop regularly at the market (3) is something you do only if it makes economic and culinary sense. A shorter menu is an economic imperative, driven by common sense and food costs, not philosophy. 8 and 10 are really the same thing, probably because in the original 1973 manifesto, #10 was "Friendship", and even Bocuse knew that was complete BS. Anyhow, 8 contradicts 7. #9 is reasonable, but has been used as an excuse to foist evil, inedible California hippy food on us and that's not right either.

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